When you run out of ammo, it is time to reach for your bayonet! Bayonets are a knife-like weapons fixed to the muzzle of a musket and used to stab an opponent in close combat. Bayonets were used by infantry in the 17th and 18th centuries. Bayonets were great when a soldier with a musket ran out of ammunition, or their weapon stopped working. Bayonets are most commonly found on Springfield Rifle muskets made in the United States.

Bayonets originated in France. Initially, they had the form of a common knife stuck on the end of a musket barrel. Later, bayonets were attached on the outside of the barrel, but the first models did not work very well, as the bayonets kept falling off after the weapon was fired. The problem was later solved by the English or French generals, who invented an L-shaped slot placed on the outside of the barrel which was able to firmly secure the blade.