Tanto knives

A Tanto knife is a knife inspired by the old Japanese weapon. Its blade is slightly curved and the blade tip has the typical angular „tanto“ shape.

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Tanto knives

The blade of today's Tanto knife is wide, stable, sharp, made of high-quality steel grades and characterized by an oblique tip. Sometimes this blade can be provided with a (partial) serrated grind. It is often made of stainless steel and its surface/finish can be coated with titanium. These modern weapons also require that they are cleaned and stored dry after each use. Blades of carbon steels must be regularly preserved. The Tanto tip is very robust and is therefore particularly suitable for piercing tough materials. Tanto blade is often found at combat knives.

Apart from the combat knives, such a blade is also found in modern (tactical) pocket knives. Some knives come with sheath, some have an eyelet, so that they can be hung up on the belt. The handle can be made of rubber, steel, aluminum or hardwood. There are also handles wrapped around the cord, which fit well in the hand. The knives with Tanto blades are usually very practical and multifunctional. For example, you can have a glass breaker integrated into the handle. Modern Tanto knives are used by rescue workers and security services. They can also be used as grab or lever tools. For precise cuts, on the contrary, they are not suitable. Tanto knives belong to the most modern and powerful knives of the present.