Modern knife sharpeners

Every knife has to be taken care of if it is to serve well and for a long time. This care also includes regular sharpening. You can injure yourself easily with a blunt knife because you have to apply a higher pressure on it. In the past, people used only sharpening stones found in nature for sharpening. Today not only traditional grindstones are available, but also very modern knife sharpeners.

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Modern knife sharpeners

You can find knife sharpener with diamonds or modern, sophisticated sharpening sets in our internet store. The advantage of these sets is that they consist of several sharpeners. Their use is therefore broader. The round knife sharpener with diamond crystals is suitable for serrated blades or extra hard steel grades. A practical tool is the angle clamp, thanks to which you can precisely sharpen your knife at a constant angle. With the polishing rubber you can remove from the knife blades then all unsightly scratches that may arise during sharpening.

Knives should never get completely dull. When sharpening, first use knife sharpeners with the coarser grain size (about 100). Only later can you can reach for a grindstone with a finer grit. Furthermore, it is very important to grind knives at a constant angle. Especially hard knife blades require a longer grinding process. For knife blades made of softer grades of steel, a sharpening steel is sufficient. Knife blades are to be sharpened against the cut. The careful procedure for sharpening is always to be found in the respective instruction sheet that comes with each sharpener.