Stiletto knives

Stiletto is an Italian word that means a dagger in translation. It is a knife with a long, narrow, tapered blade. Such knives have been used in Italy since the 16th century. Their other nickname is Misericordia (mercy). In the past, they served as a stabbing weapon. Thanks to the shape of their blade, they could easily cause severe internal injury, leaving little external marks. Russian mafia is said to use stiletto knives as a weapon of revenge.

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Stiletto knives

The principle of the Spring assisted Stiletto Knife is the spring-assisted blade opening. The knife can therefore get extremely quickly ready for use. The blade is usually made of stainless steel. The handle can be made of metal or plastic and the more expensive models of wood or buffalo horn. The knives are often provided with a lock to secure the blade in the opened position. Some models are equipped with glass breakers. Thanks to the belt clip, stiletto knives can be worn hanged on a belt. Today stiletto knives especially appreciate artisans, bikers, fishermen and lovers of outdoor activities. For all the mentioned, such a knife can be a nice gift.

Please keep in mind that Stiletto knives are banned in some countries (such as the UK and Norway). Therefore, inquire out about it before you travel abroad.

If you are interested in the historical predecessors of modern Stiletto knives, visit the category Stilettos and daggers with stabbing blades.