Maintenance of Samurai Swords

If you're lucky enough to have a samurai sword, take good care of it. It's the most perfect sword ever made by man. The care and maintenance of this sword has its rules and principles. Never touch the blade with bare hands, as grease and acid from your hands can cause rust. Holding a Japanese sword in your hands is like clutching a long razor, so never test the sharpness of the blade with your fingertip. You can lose the end of your finger and the blood will corrode the sword. We believe that you won't even think of it and to make your care for this gem easier, we've prepared a section for you where you can find products suitable for the care of samurai swords.

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Halberds OLD
Halberds OLD
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The primary weapon of Swiss soldiers of 14th and 15th century used to be a long wooden staff (Halm) with an axe (Barte) on its end. Linking these two words together gave the weapon its name. Halberds were broadly used mainly by mercenary units …