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Are you interested in the history of the powerful English royal Tudor dynasty? The Tudor dynasty reigned from 1485 to 1603 and was able to unite England in a very powerful country. If you admire Henry VIII., Anne Boleyn and Catherine of Aragon, you are right here. Take a look at our movie replicas The Tudors dynasty.

Henry VIII Shirt

Henry VIII Shirt

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Shirt King Henry VIII

Shirt King Henry VIII

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The Tudors came from Wales. Six rulers were replaced during their reign: Henry VII Tudor, Henry VIII Tudor, Edward VI, Jane Grey (which, however, reigned only nine days), Mary I Tudor, Elizabeth I.

Henry VIII was known for his great cruelty. Maybe, he was the cruellest ruler of England. He executed opponents of the Church of England without batting an eye. Anglican Church was established during reign of The Tudor dynasty. This fact about Henry VIII is also interesting: he had six wives. He got divorced his first wife Catherine of Aragon. His other women were: Anne Boleyn (he had her executed), Jane Seymour, Anne of Cleves (also he got divorced her), Catherine Howard (also she was executed), Catherine Parr. Life with this ruler was not a bed of roses.

We offer large range various types of Movie replicas The Tudor dynasty for women and men. You can choose shirt of Henry VIII, knee breeches of Henry VIII or doublets of Henry VIII. We have dress of queen Catherine of Aragon for women. You will find also leather boots of Henry VIII, helmet of The Tudors or ceremonial sword. Take a look at our other historical costumes, such as medieval costumes for men and women, Renaissance costumes for men and women or baroque costumes for men and women.

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