Machetes are simple larger cutting knives, which will serve you during working in the garden. They have curved blade from quality metal and handle from quality wood. Our machetes are usually sent along with protective case. Choose the right machete at a favourable price!

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Machete is primitive cutting weapon. They (like swords) are classified as bladed weapon. The curved blades are their specific properties. They usually measure 50-60 cm in length.

The blade is made from quality metal and handle is made from quality wood, which enables quick cutting movements. The machetes are used mainly in agriculture in these days. They have a suitable shape for cutting some parts of plants. They are often used in various tropical and subtropical countries (e.g. cutting sugar cane). You will mainly appreciate of machetes in overgrown terrain, where you will use them to cut through forest cover.

Machetes are used as weapons in African countries also today. They are accessible to everyone and cheap. They are used during the civil war in Rwanda.

Modern machete looks like a medieval falchion. It was a popular type of cutting weapons since the 13th century. But the machete (in contrast to falchion) doesn’t have a guard and has a simple designed handle.

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