Is shipping to the UK possible?

Is shipping to the UK possible?
As the UK customs has been confiscating our parcels (bladed weapons, crossbows, archery equipment), we had to stop to ship to the UK unfortunately.

Should you wish to order some different items (no bladed weapons, crossbows or any other items that the UK customs could declare as dangerous items) and the total cost for clearance + shipping starting at approx. 200€ are acceptable for you, be so kind as email us the following information:

  1. item number * quantity (if there are some options like colour, size etc., please specify)
  2. your full delivery address
  3. your phone number (just for the delivery service)
  4. preferred payment method (paypal, card, bank transfer)

With all this information, we will make the order for you individually.

Sorry for the inconvenience, we regret losing a lot of customers from the UK after the Brexit :(


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