Beware of the plagiarist Mohammd Sajid Rasool

Beware of the plagiarist Mohammd Sajid Rasool
We are informed by our loyal customers and fans, from time to time, that somebody has been copying our products and photos and are offering their products by misusing and misrepresenting our original photos/products.

These are not one or two isolated incidents but a pattern of blatant Intellectual Property infringement by one man who attempts to unduly gain on other’s hard work and our lawyers are systematically prosecuting all such copyright infringements.

However, it seems that he never tries to mend his ways. Whenever we take appropriate legal steps against this cheater, he removes our photos from his online presence, for the time being, but puts them back again after some time, sometimes usually under a new fictious company name.

BUT it is no more difficult to identify him. Renowned world-wide marketplaces like eBay and Amazon do not hesitate to reveal his identity.

Below you can find two latest examples, that have been reported to us lately:

76 sheikhpuri
247667, INDIA

Nauticalmart Inc.
102, IOTC Enclave, HN-58
Delhi Rd, Roorkee,
247667, INDIA

To our lovely fans and customers:

Please understand this text as a word of caution against low-quality copies that you may probably receive, if you order from this trickster. It is obvious that most photos in his store are stolen, but we can request deleting only those with our copyright. In any case, shall not receive anything remotely exact to what you see in photos published in his sites.

And how can you discover a cheater sponging on our photos easily? Just have a close-up look on the photo – there you will discover an Outfit4Events Watermark in the middle (“4” surrounded by 4 trumpets).

Thank you for reporting cheaters and plagiarists to us! A further thanks for believing in us and being part of journey to excellence!


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