Advance payment for tailored products, why ?

Advance payment for tailored products, why ?
Products, like costumes, armour, leather sheaths etc. that are made after measurements specified by customers, have to be paid in advance.

We had several orders from customers who ordered a made-to-measure product and then did not accept our shipments (with Cash-On-Delivery service). Yes, some of them apologized themselves, explaining their terrible life situation, why was not possible for them to accept our parcel. Most of them had not communicated at all. Yes, the life is sometimes hard. But no bill can be settled with just an apology.

We had to pay both the production of a product (that fits only one customer) and the transport to the customer and back to us. The situation was soon unsustainable.

After several such experiences we decided basically not to accept any such orders without advance payments.

Please excuse this restriction that you hopefully understand.


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