Marshal Historical

Marshal Historical
Show fighters, fans of historical re-enactment, collectors, BOHURT / HMB fighters or LARP players; All these true lovers of ancient history have in common that they need clothes, utensils, weapons and armor that meet their needs while respecting the historical originals.

And it were the specialists at MARSHAL HISTORICAL who proudly reinvented and redesigned these items, based on rigorous historical sources, and at the same time on the enthusiasm and approval of customers and practitioners. You can find their unique style in the detail, historical accuracy and high-quality craftsmanship, in addition to a more than competitive prices that make all history-lovers stop searching – as they are sure the found the right outfit they have been looking for. Everything is adapted to the current historical field, so that you no longer have to search.

As a result of all this effort and work, their replicas appeared in countless films, television series, museum expositions, and at historical events around the world. Unfortunately, they cannot name them for legal reasons. In Marshal Historical's manufacturing facilities, outfit-items are designed and fine-tuned by experienced historical re-enactment specialists with the approval of their customers. Marshal Historical has been offering their products since 2007.


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