Manopoulos: Board Games for All Fans of Strategy and History Games!

Manopoulos: Board Games for All Fans of Strategy and History Games!

Do you like board games that stimulate thinking and simultaneously offer a lot of fun? Then Manopoulos games are a perfect fit for you. Manopoulos, a distinguished board games brand, was founded with the mission to help players of all ages relax and get away from their everyday worries. Join us on a journey into the past and learn more about a famous Greek company whose products have become popular in households all around the world!

A Business Plan Based on Family Tradition

“Work first, play later” is an idiom we have probably all heard before. The desire to play and relax after a day of hard work is something people all around the world have in common. Costas Manopoulos knew this very well, and he decided to start a business that helps people achieve exactly that.

He found inspiration from his father. As a young boy, Costas noticed that his father is very fond of backgammon - he used to play the board game with his friends every day after returning home from work. Costas watched his father closely and realized that not just children, but also adults enjoy playing games!

DID YOU KNOW... the history of backgammon is more than two thousand years old? An older version of the game was probably known in ancient Mesopotamia, but also in Persia or ancient Egypt. In the Middle Ages, the popularity of the game gradually spread throughout society: nobility, townspeople and villagers alike all became excited about backgammon. Even the scholar John Amos Comenius mentions backgammon in a children's textbook.

Successful Before Graduation

Costas took his first successful steps in the early 1970s. During his studies at the School of Fine Arts, he created his first chess pieces from bronze. The production of chess pieces was part of a project that also aimed to showcase young talents at the University of Athens.

At this time, young Costas was only 21 years old. He was so inspired by this project that he later set up a small shop in the centre of Athens and began selling handmade sets of chess and backgammon pieces.

DID YOU KNOW... chess has its roots in ancient Indian culture? This ancient board game dates back to around 450 AD and was originally played with dice. Read on for more interesting facts about the history of chess if you are interested in the topic!

Thanks to their high precision workmanship and unique design, an increasing number of dealers grew interested in his products. Costas Manopoulos set up his own workshop to meet the rapidly growing demand.

Expansion Abroad

In 1985, Costas Manopoulos had more than 10 years of experience in the domestic market and decided to expand the company's operations abroad.

He started his expansion by attending the German toy fair Spielwarenmesse and shortly afterwards, he introduced his company worldwide. Today the company supplies backgammon, wooden chess sets, dominoes and other traditional board games to customers in more than 25 countries.

The company's biggest project so far, however, has been the construction of the Manopoulos factory in Thebes, which uses the latest engineering techniques to meet the increasing demands of its customers around the world.

Today, more than half a century has passed since Costas Manopoulos founded the family business. However, the company's mission remains the same after five decades of existence: to give young and adult fans of strategy board games and opportunity to enjoy themselves and to pass their enthusiasm on to the next generations.

DID YOU KNOW... luxury chess sets are made of precious woods and precious metals? The most demanding customers, collectors and lovers of unique items can place custom orders at Manopoulos.

Board Games Are Trending!

Ani s rozvojem počítačového průmyslu však tradičním hrám nezvoní hrana, naopak: popularita deskových her, jako jsou šachy a další, znovu stoupá. Jen v roce 2020 se na trhu s deskovými hrami celosvětově protočilo odhadem na 14 miliard dolarů. A není divu.

Even with the development of the computer and gaming industry, traditional board games are not becoming obsolete. On the contrary: board games, such as chess, are quickly regaining popularity. In 2020 alone, the global board game market had an estimated size of14 billion USD. This is hardly surprising.

Board games help people develop both concentration and short-term memory. Additionally, they are a  perfect opportunity to get together with family or friends and have fun. So, if you have a free afternoon and wonder what to do, here is your tip!

Traditional board games are a great opportunity to escape from the omnipresent screens in today’s digital world. Board games can motivate children to put down their smartphones and spend time with their parents, siblings or other family members. Many people today rediscover this pleasant way of spending time together, and use board games to encourage often lacking communication within the family.

If you're a fan of traditional crafts, or need a unique gift for children or adults, Manopoulos board games will be a great addition to your collection of games.

Check out our only luxury chess sets, but also other traditional handmade board games that will help you unwind after the hustle and bustle of everyday life. If you need help choosing the right game, do not hesitate to contact us! We'll be happy to help.

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