Cold Steel - Knives for Chefs, Cooks or Warriors!

Cold Steel - Knives for Chefs, Cooks or Warriors!
Cold Steel is an American retailer of knives and bladed tools. Their sharp blades are popular with chefs, but also by lovers of historical battles and LARPs. The company has registered a number of innovations and patents. We've explored the features invented by this American weapons company. Read on!

Long-established Brand, Several Patents

Innovators. That is probably the best one-word description of the Cold Steel brand. Cold Steel was founded in 1980 by Lynn Thompson, who is still the owner today. During the time of its existence, the company came up with several patents that make its products unique. 

The patents include:

  • Kraton® handles - made of synthetic replacement to rubber and used for knives and other tools. The Kraton material has great flexibility, high traction and sealing abilities. It has an increased resistance to heat or weathering.
  • Tanto blades - the shape of the blade resembles the blade of the traditional short Japanese sword tantō. But the blade is only up to 30 cm long. Because of its penetrating properties, it is often used for combat knives.
  • San Mai III Steel - a layered material with a combination of steels, containing greater amounts of carbon, or molybdenum and chromium. It is highly resistant to rust, weather, and requires little maintenance. San Mai steel knives are perfect for hunting. The blade stays sharp and doesn’t break easily. In addition, it can also be used for chopping or, to an extent, as a crowbar.
  • Tri-Ad® Lock - a patented knife locking technology. This locking technology prevents the knife from closing automatically or unintentionally. At its beginning, there was the Back Lock system, which the designers at Cold Steel have extended with the Stop Pin. The stop pin receives all positive pressure and transfers it into the whole knife. 

The Cold Steel brand is known for its robust and perfectly sharp knives, which are popular with hunters, campers and outdoor enthusiasts. Their main focus are knives with fixed and folding blades. They also offer karambit knives and other combat knives. You can check out their daggers, machetes or katanas, as well as military shovels, bayonets, baseball bats or blowguns with darts.

Every Cook Loves Cold Steel

Their knives are reliable and suitable for every adventurer and outdoor enthusiast. The Cold Steel company also sells kitchen knives with blades so sharp that they will cut through literally anything. 

Before you buy, decide whether you need a knife for meat, bread, cheese, fruit or vegetables. Cold Steel knives aren't the cheapest kind, but investing in quality will pay off in the long term. The blades stay sharp for a very long time and they are nearly unbreakable. 

The blades of Cold Steel kitchen knives are made from fine-grained stainless steel often used in the pharmaceutical industry and in high-end kitchen cutlery. The carbon and chromium content ensures higher corrosion resistance and mechanical strength of the blade. The handles are coated with a soft and flexible polymer for a good grip.

Filleting knives, butcher knives or bread knives are available separately in our e-shop, or in a practical set of knives for various purposes. 

Kitchen knives will last a long time if you wash them immediately after use and then wipe them dry. These knives are not dishwasher safe. The blades are very sharp, and their loose storage in the drawer with the other utensils can lead to an injury. We recommend getting a suitable knife holder.

Cold Steel in Historical Battles

If you've ever attended a battle re-enactment, you may have seen Cold Steel in action. The manufacturer is one of the world's leading suppliers of replica swords. 

When choosing a sword replica, make sure to get the right type of blade, because sharp swords are often banned at historical events, obviously for safety reasons. For historical events and re-enactments, you will need swords with a blunt blade and a rounded tip. Beginners can use a polypropylene training sword which is great to master the fencing basics. For more detailed information on choosing a sword, check out our article. 

However, if you prefer staying in your chambers, you can bring a piece of medieval battles to your home by decorating your walls with a Cold Steel weapon. With a suitable wall holder, your living room can turn into a medieval chamber with weapons on the wall!

Cold Steel in Films

Cold Steel knives are almost unbreakable, and very popular. When you see an American action movie with a fighting scene where someone is trying to defend themselves using a knife, it may well be a Cold Steel knife. Filmmakers and video game developers love using Cold Steel weapons in their fight scenes

The company's official website also mentions being a pride partner of the film and gaming industry. You can read about their weapons featured in films and video games in a dedicated section on their website. Their weapons have appeared, for example, in Expendables, Mr and Mrs Smith, Dark Knight Rises, Wolverine, 3000 Miles to Graceland or Batman and Robin. You can also find them featured in the popular game GTA, Grand Theft Auto. 

Would you like to get one of these knives? Take a look at the wide range of products from this world-renowned brand. We are a proud distributor.

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