Coin Replicas

You will find the best selection of old coin replicas from different periods in our e-shop. We offer replicas of various historical coins: ducats, Prague groschens, thaler and others. Old coins replicas are made from different materials, which are specified in the descriptions of the individual exhibits. So go ahead and choose it!

Old coin replicas can be used in the course various opportunities. You can use them like requisites during historical plays or theatrical performances and film screenings. You can use them everywhere, where it is not important, they are not true, but it is important to look as authentic.

The first coins were developed in the context of ancient Greece. A weight and purity were stabilized at the time. Precious metals (gold, silver) were used for the production of coins. Therefore coins had value in themselves (even without state guarantees). Today, it is quite the other way around. Coin has no value without the state guarantees.

People pay by coins for many years. Design of coins is constantly changing. Coins, which were paid a hundred years ago, are now a rare. Nevertheless, coins still are an indispensable part of the monetary system.

The side of a coin (and also coin replica) carrying a bust of a monarch or other authority, or a national emblem, is usually called the obverse (heads). The other side, which carries the denomination, is usually called the reverse (tails). Enjoy your historical plays with our coin replicas!

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