Japanese sword knife Kogai, bronze

Kogai, called the wing needle was in feudal Japan often fastened together with the knife Kozuka at the sword (Katana, Wakizashi and Tachi). These openings were mostly in the tsuba (the hilt) of the sword, sometimes laterally attached to the saya (scabbard) pockets. More information...

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Japanese sword knife Kogai, bronze

  • length approx. 216mm
  • Weight approx. 50 g

The specific use of the wing needle is controversial. The well martial explanation is that the samurai (warrior) his shogun (Prince) often show the heads of vanquished enemies on the battlefield had. The Kogai therefore served as a kind of needle to the severed heads of which were often Bundori (War Trophies) threaded on a piece of string, since any direct contact with the dead was regarded in Shinto as a staining of the soul. From an early age was taught that this is something horrible and unclean. The handle end of the Kozuka often is correspondingly shaped or provided with an eyelet for attaching a cord thereto.

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