Circular battle shield

This Circular battle shield is made out of carbon steel. Since ancient times was nothing so important for a warrior as his shield! It protected the warrior against long range weapons like bows or crossbows. Equally indispensable was the shield at close combats. Every warrior strove to prevent his sword from damage and hence fenced the enemy’s blows with the shield whenever possible. This is a fact that is often forgotten at medieval stage combats! More information...

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Circular battle shield

Specifications of the  shield:

  • Diameter approx. 55cm
  • Gauge of plate 16  (1.5mm) - Weight approx. 2.9 kg
  • Gauge of plate 14  (2.0mm) - Weight approx. 3,7 kg
  • Two strong leather straps for carrying the shield are placed on the reverse side.

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