Resin Statue Horus

The statue of Horus on the pedestal is depicted in a proud posture with the head of a falcon, a staff in his right hand and a circle of the sun above his head. It is decorated with hand-painted golden details and is made of polyresin. More information...

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Resin Statue Horus

Horus (also transliterated as Horos or Hor) was a major god in the early mythology of Ancient Egypt. Originally a sky god, he was also a king god, a god of war, a world or light god and protector of children. In the Middle Kingdom, Horus was listed as the deity of the first and eleventh Upper Egyptian districts (Ta-seti and Seth-Tier district), whereas in the Greco-Roman period he was the god of the 16th Upper Egyptian and 14th Lower Egyptian districts. He was usually depicted as a falcon.

  • Very detailed finish
  • Hand-painted
  • Material: polyresin
  • Height approx. 8.00 cm
  • Width approx. 2.00 cm
  • Depth approx. 2.00 cm

Images of the god Horus are certainly among the most numerous of any god in Egypt. He is almost omnipresent both in texts and in pictorial representations. Horus is depicted as a falcon or as a standing man with a falcon's head, sometimes wearing a double crown. In the Greco-Roman period, the god was often depicted as a legionary. The motif of Isis nursing the boy Horus is also occasionally found on Roman coins with the portrait of empresses. These are not only coins minted in Alexandria for the Roman province of Egypt, but also Imperial Roman coins that did not circulate in Egypt. Such coinage documents the Roman culture's willingness to accept originally foreign mythology.

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