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The collection of best knives is prepared for you in this category. Their beauty is demonstrated a great interest of customers who often buy in our e-shop. Beautiful and luxurious design is a big advantage of these knives. If you long for a really beautiful knife, you will choose it here. You will find here the elegant French pocket knife with blade from Damascus steel, professional mushroom knife, but also cheaper pocket knives.

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Our customers are satisfied with the shape of the blade, material of handle (natural materials are usually used) and appearance of material of our best knives. Best knives with a pattern on the blade (thanks to use of damask steel) are very popular. Some models of knives are provided in a gift wrapping. This is also important for the customers. Not everyone orders a knife for practical use. Best knives are sometimes used only for exhibition. And people like to look at them.

However, you will find also best knives among our hunting knives, survival knives, combat knives, pocket knives, etc.

You will find e.g. the elegant French pocket knife with blade from Damascus steel, professional mushroom knife, pocket knife Muela, but also cheaper pocket knives in this category of best knives.

Pocket best knives are knives with a blade that can be snapped into slit in handle for safe transport. The blade can be tilted using a groove for nail. Then tilted blade can be locked.

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Hi, how long is the warranty on your swords?

The warranty is 2 years long and refers to material faults and faults that appear when used in a proper way. The warranty does not cover to common wear out. We recommend using swords made by the same producers for sparring swordfights. Our weapons are designed for training and theatre fencing (stage combats). Brutal and improper use (such as stabbing and knocking it into the ground, or forcing it) can damage even the best sword!

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