Yushu Wakizashi by Citadel

Butt end (Kashira) and grip ferrule (fuchi) are made of iron, covered with simple, but elegant, high-gloss black lacquer. Also iron is the tsuba, which is not cast, but made by hand. It shows a Japanese temple with Cherry blossom (Sakura no Hana) in the foreground. Ornamental rate (Menuki) with silver plated bronze offer a nice contrast to the dark winding handle (Tsuka-Maki) and underline the graceful picture. To the Yushu Wakizashi by Citadel belongs next to a production certificate, a quality sword bag and a padded Cordura bag for transport.

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Yushu Wakizashi by Citadel

The name Yushu (perfection) carries this sword correctly. The many intricate details make it a work of art of the highest class.

  • Sword in shinogi-zukuri style with groove (Bo-Hi).
  • Hand-forged, the groove adapted Habaki silver-plated, engraved copper.
  • Seppa silver-plated brass.
  • Handle wrapped in black Japanese silk in Katate Maki style (war winding).
  • Black, high-gloss lacquered scabbard with built-in ray skin (Same Kuroro style).

The razor sharp blade is made of 1075 carbon steel. Using the clay hardening method, the blade is hardened to approximately 60 HRC at the cutting edge and approximately 40 HRC hardened at the back of the blade. Through the skills of the polisher the masterful work of the blacksmith comes fully to bear. A mirror-polished surface, as well as a clearly recognizable temper line (hamon) are the result.

  • Handle length 18 cm
  • Blade length 57 cm
  • Total length (without scabbard) 75.5 cm
  • Weight (without sheath) 700 g

Each product is one and only and make by hand of masters. The Citadel have purpose to make all not only effective but beautiful and harmonious as well. History of Citadel.

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