Avarian recurve bow

Tis is a recurve bow for instinctive archery and mounted archery. Layered bow consists of wood and fiberglass and thus achieves optimal parameters. The handle (riser) is reinforced by ash grip. Limb endings are furnished with shaped nocks for string loops. The sting is made out of Dacron and has a central serving against abrasion. The bow “Avar” is inspired by wandering warriors who shot when riding a horse primarily. For this purpose is adjusted the bow length. Suitable 16-year-old archers and older.

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Avarian recurve bow

The draw length of this bow is also measured at the length of 28 inches. The maximum draw length is just 28 inches. You can replace the Dacron bowstring by Fast Flight.

  • Overall length approx. 130cm (51 ")
  • Recommended arrow length approx. 75cm (30 ")
  • Bowstring length approx. 126,5cm (15 B-50)
  • Standing height: approx. 155 mm
  • Material: maple

Directions for use of the Avarian recurve bow

The Eurasian Avars were a militarized Turkic equestrian group which established an empire spanning considerable areas of Central and Eastern Europe from the late 6th to the early 9th century.

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