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Viking Seax, Long Sax Knife with Damascus Steel Blade and Wood-and-Bone Handle, based on a find from Latvia

This hand-made Viking Age knife is based on an original Baltic war knife / seax from the burial ground of Salaspils Laukskolas, Latvia, and features a 256-layer sharpened Damascus steel* blade. The wooden handle has an oval cross-section that ensures a solid grip on the knife. It features bone inlays and a collar and butt cap made of brass or steel. The butt cap is equipped with a convenient eyelet for threading a lanyard (leather lanyard is included in delivery). The beautiful vegetable tanned leather sheath with period fittings is equipped with three rings and a split strap suspension system for a typical Viking-style belt carry.

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Product No: 11853

Period: Vikings and Normans / Viking weapons

Viking Seax, Long Sax Knife with Damascus Steel Blade and Wood-and-Bone Handle, based on a find from Latvia

Viking Seax, Long Sax Knife with Damascus Steel Blade and Wood-and-Bone Handle, based on a find from Latvia

Viking Seax, Long Sax Knife with Damascus Steel Blade and Wood-and-Bone Handle, based on a find from Latvia

The knife is available with a brown wooden grip and brown leather sheath with brass fittings or with a black wooden grip and black leather sheath with steel fittings.

Please note that, as the blade is sharp and fully functional, this scramasax is designed as a collector's or decoration piece and not suited for combat re-enactment!

* The terms Damascus steel, damascene or pattern welded designate a compound steel forged out of two or more different types of steel. It is named after its birthplace, the Syrian city of Damascus, a former stronghold of the patterned steel production. As a common practice, a harder high carbon steel and a milder low carbon steel are repeatedly forge welded and folded together. The high carbon steel ensures a higher hardness, a better temperability and longer lasting edge retention, whereas the milder steel confers greater blade flexibility and tensile strength. This procedure, which arose in a time where steel qualities were often low and inconsistent, enables to combine the positive attributes of the various steel grades. Besides, the different shadings generated by the varying carbon content of the alternating layers engender strikingly beautiful patterns, such as the twisted motif called Torsion Damascus pattern or the Rose Damascus pattern. Undoubtedly, these unusual patterns partly explain why inherent magical properties were attributed to the Damascus steel blades of the Middle Ages.

  • Blade material: Damascus steel (256 layers, 4340 and 1070 steel), sharp edge
  • Handle material: wood, animal bone, brass or steel
  • Overall length: approx. 54 cm
  • Blade length: approx. 38 cm
  • Weight: approx. 470 g (approx. 950 g with sheath)
  • Leather sheath with hanger (brown with brass or black with steel)
  • Specs may slightly vary from piece to piece.

The Swedish company SPQR offers a wide range of historical replicas. SPQR stands for Senatus Populusque Romanus (Engl. The Senate an People of Rome) and is a fitting name for a company specialized in the reproduction of artefacts reaching from the Roman era to the Renaissance period. SPQR has committed itself to making high-quality re-enactment and battle-ready products available at affordable prices. The entire product line is made to historical specifications. Each piece is modeled on illustrations and photographs from historical books and museums, and SPQR works in close cooperation with a number of Viking and medieval re-enactment groups in Scandinavia, Germany and the UK to jointly develop the most authentic products possible.

Included in these categories: Seaxes, Saxes

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