Ostrogothic radiate-headed bow fibula

This early Middle Ages bow fibula is also known as the seven-button fibula and is made from a Germanic find from Russia and dates back to the time of the migration of peoples in the 3rd to 4th centuries AD. Brooches and fibulae of Ostrogothic radiate-headed type were common in late antiquity, especially in the East Germanic area. More information...

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Ostrogothic radiate-headed bow fibula

Information to the original find.

Such fibulae were part of the Germanic women's costume and were worn in pairs on the shoulders to attach the peplos.

The Germanic Ostrogothic radiate-headed bow fibula can be attached to the leather using a strong needle on the back, for example.

  • External dimensions approx. 46.3 x 27mm
  • Thickness approx. 2.9mm
  • Needle length approx. 36mm
  • Needle size 1.18mm
  • Weight: 10 g

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