Roman centurion helmet including plume and leather liner

For the manufacture of this helmet of the Roman imperial governor, a 1.2mm thick sheet of iron is used. The sheet metal has been brought into the authentic shape of a historical model. The helmet bell is decorated with authentic flutter. A movable steel shield is attached to the front of the bell. The cheek is decorated with brass rivets. The lower edge of the Roman imperial helmet of a centurion is lined all around with brass. On the back of the helmet is equipped with a neck visor that covers the scarf. Each side of the face is additionally protected by a hinged cheek. Inside the helmet you will appreciate the soft leather spring insert. Leather chinstraps are adjustable. The size can be worn on a grown man's head for the needs of film, theater, and fans of historical reconstructions. More information...

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Roman centurion helmet including plume and leather liner

  • The cheek flaps are 15cm long
  • The back of the head shield measures 11cm
  • From ear to ear over the bowl 33cm
  • From ear to ear in the bowl directly 20cm
  • Inside the bowl from the forehead to the neck 22cm
  • Length of the plume, including artificial horsehair 44cm
  • Height of the helmet plume 21cm
  • The length of the horsehair alone is 8.5cm
  • Weight approx. 2 kg

A Roman centurion officer's helmet was inspired by one of the fiercest warrior groups ever to go down in history. They came to power in ancient Greece and the Romans and went from victory to victory. This authentic replica with a size 20 steel construction offers excellent head, face and neck guard.

The centurions were the most important professional officers in the armies of ancient Rome and its empire. A centurion was in command of the centurium, the smallest unit of the Roman legion. The captain commanded a unit of around 100 legionnaires and was also responsible for the distribution of tasks, the execution of sentences and various administrative tasks, which ranged from distributing camp slogans to accompanying prisoners. Centurions often wore a helmet (galea) with a distinctive cross crest (crista transversa) and a coat of arms.

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