Baldric for Roman Lorica Segmentata

Use this fine quality leather baldric to complete many of your period outfits, esp. the Lorica Segmentata. This versatile baldric is fashioned of fine quality leather and complements several period ensembles. More information...

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Baldric for Roman Lorica Segmentata

It goes especially well with our Roman Lorica Segmentata.

  • Total Length approx. 182cm
  • Belt width approx. 31.8mm
  • Thickness of the belt about 3.7mm
  • Sattler screws with diameter from the knob approximately 9.95mm
  • The pointed ends are approx. 15.25mm wide
  • Dimensions of the buckle approx. 49.4 x 44mm
  • Buckle made of brass
  • The total volume of the hull approx. 130cm
  • The holes are approx. hewn 17cm from
  • Weight approx. 254 g

Premium Quality, made by Windlass Steelcrafts®

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