We call pirates sea robbers who kidnap ships. Piracy existed already in antiquity, but it spread in time of colonization when ships began to transport very valuable cargo. If you are fascinated by the old cruel time of pirates´ robbing, you will be pleased by pirate costumes, shoes, swords, belts and other pirate accessories that you can find here.

We have biased ideas about historical pirates today, which is to put down to movies and literature base on fiction. Most people are influenced by the novel Treasure Island (by his perception of pirates) which Robert Luis Stevenson wrote in 1881 and Robert Newton filmed in 1950. Long John Silver is one of the main characters in this work. He walks on underarm crutch because he has only one leg. His second leg is substituted by a wooden prosthesis. His crutch is used as a weapon. He owns a talking parrot which often keeps him the company.

The piracy persisted to these days to a lesser but much more sophisticated extent. Today´s pirates operate chiefly at the coast of South America and Africa. They use machine guns and sail on fast boats. However, our romantic pictures about pirates still last.

Different pirates had different names. The buccaneers were pirates who operated in the Caribbean and attacked Spanish ports. The privateers were pirates who robbed absolutely legally. They had the commission from the highest to destroy every trade competitions. Henry Morgan was one of the best known and the most feared pirates in history. He lived in the 17th century. He was the buccaneer commander, later he was the rightful privateer and finally he became the governor of Jamaica.

In the popular culture, a typical pirate is noisy, cruel, aggressive, dirty and cheeky. He uses vulgarly language; most often fights with sober and has a wooden leg, a parrot on his shoulder, an eye patch, some torn clothes and a headscarf.

Go back with us to the romantic world of cruel pirates. You will find here everything to fit yourself up as a distinctive pirate. We offer pirate weapons, costumes, shoes, leather products, forged products and other things for all historical pirates.

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Hello! Could you make for me armor and robe from the movie XY?

I'm sorry that we cannot satisfy you in this regard. Both the movies themselves, and weapons, armor, costumes and other objects are often subject to copyright. This is verified consistently by the Copyright distributors. A violation these rights is unlawful and punished with high fines. You can find some movie replicas in our store, but these are imported products from overseas that were officially and legally manufactured under bought license.

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