The Thirty Years' War

The Thirty Years' War lasted from 1618 to 1648. It was a result of accumulated religious, political and economic problems. At first it was all about religious conflicts. Catholic countries fought against Protestant countries. You can find various shoes, weapons and costumes inspired by the period of the Thirty Years' War and of the Baroque in our internet store.

The Thirty Years' War took place on the territory of the Kingdom of Bohemia at first. Gradually it moved farther. It is divided in four wars: The Bohemian Revolt, the Danish intervention, the Swedish intervention and the French intervention. It was finally ended with conclusion of the Peace of Westphalia.

Soldiers were equipped with plate armour to protect themselves against enemy gunshots in the 17th century. As firearms were used mainly muskets and arquebuses in times of the Thirty Years' War. The matchlocks were parts of muskets. However, it was also fought with swords, such as rapiers or épées.

Luxury, detailed decorativeness and attention to the beauty of the human body were typical traits for clothing in the Baroque period. New fashion waves and inspiration came mainly from the French Court. Clothing of this period is characterized by the disappearance of the ruff in favour of broad lace or linen collars. Bonded full skirts, bum rolls, corsets narrowed waists, round plunging necklines were typical for women's fashion. Brocade coats, vests, white shirts with ruffles, jabots (ruffled scarfs at the neck), knee breeches and stockings were typical for men's fashion. Men and women wore wigs and applied white powder on their faces. Other notable fashions included full, slashed sleeves and tall or broad hats with brims. New fashion items like high heels, pockets and slashed sleeves in the men's coats emerged in this period.

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