Renaissance and the Landsknechte

Are you interested in the Renaissance period? Are you interested in peoples´ clothing, how they graced themselves and with which weapons they fought? It is said that the Renaissance is a rebirth of the antiquity. This period can be characterized with development and bloom of thinking, philosophy, science and arts. Have a look at our products that are inspired by the Renaissance. You can find here renaissance clothing, shoes, weapons, armour, forged and leather products and many more.

The Renaissance period lasted from the 14th to the 17th century. Social movements such as secularization, individualism, humanism, the emphasis on man and the mind, nationalization of art and a return to the antiquity are characteristic for this time. During the Renaissance period the status of the artist was changed. The artist were no longer anonymous. Their personality was emphasized and some reach a high social status. Important Renaissance artists were for example: William Shakespeare, Giovanni Boccaccio, Dante Alighieri, Francois Villon, Francesco Petrarca, Miguel de Cervantes, Sandro Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci or Michelangelo Buonarroti.

Renaissance fashion differed from country to country a little. It was very influenced by the ideal of the Antiquity. The symmetry, moderateness and natural character are typical Renaissance elements. People with a high social status wore clothes made of brocade, velvet and silk. A popular motive was pomegranate. Renaissance clothing grows in volume from the 16th century. Major tones for the fashion were determined by Italy in these times. Women wore skirts separated from the bodices, decorative sleeves and circular or squared décolletages. The emphasis was also put on men´s decorative sleeves. Young men wore short doublets, old men, scholars and respectable men wore long coats. Among fashion accessories were popular pocket watch on chains, fans and decorative handkerchiefs. Men wore on their heads berets with feathers. Blond hair and small hats (with decorations purpose) were in vogue for women. The Spanish fashion was in contrast to the Italian strait-laced, stylized and hard. It brought uncomfortable ruffs and corsets.

The Landsknechte were soldiers who served their country and their ruler. They were paid from a special provincial tax. They represented an important part of the Habsburg infantry in the 16th century. They were armed with halberds, long pikes, and a two-handed swords, but also crossbows and fire guns. They were dressed in multi-coloured clothes. It is disputable whether their troops were useful in battles. But their clothes always attracted attention in any case.

We offer in this section beautiful and high-quality products inspired by those times to every lover of the Renaissance. You can find here the Renaissance costumes, weapons and armour of landsknechte and Renaissance soldiers, Renaissance shoes, forged and leather products, and many more.

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