Antiquity – ancient Greece, Rome and gladiators

Are you interested in antiquity and ancient times? The first great civilizations originated and developed in this period the in the Middle East, Mediterranean, South and East Asia. If you are a history fan, you will be interested in many products in our shop. Among others ancient shoes, armour, costumes, weapons.

Ancient times lasted from the end of prehistoric times (approx. 4th millennium BC) to the fall of the Roman Empire. The first great civilizations emerged and system of writing spread, especially in Mesopotamia, the Iranian Highlands, Syria, the Asia Minor and Egypt. The term antiquity describes the Greco-Roman period of ancient times. The origins of Greek civilization and the first written records of Homer's poetry are taken for the beginning of antiquity.

The period of ancient Greece began around the year 800 BC and ended  the with the boom of Christianity. A great development of the educational system, politics, philosophy, science, art and language occurred in this period. Sparta was the most powerful state of Greece. Spartan foot soldiers were called hoplites. They were armed with spears and swords called Xiphos. They also wore bronze armour and defend cavalrymen and archers in battles.

Period of civilization of ancient Rome began around the 8th century BC and lasted until 6th century A.D. The Kingdom was replaced by the Republic and Empire over time there. Various nations resided in the Roman territory. Numerous different languages, religions and cultures were spread by these nations. The empire boomed under the reign of the Emperor Trajan who ruled over most of the countries of the then world.

Gladiators were roman slaves or war prisoners. They fought in large arenas for the amusement of the audience – people of higher ranks. They used short sword gladius in combats. Gladiators could be both men and women. Women were called Amazons.

You will find ancient shoes, ancient costumes and ancient weapons such as "pugio", falcata or spatha in our inline store. Our offer also includes ancient leather and forged products. You may also be pleased by Chess pieces "Egyptian Gods".

Advisory Service: Questions and Answers

Why you cannot deliver swords or daggers to Switzerland?

Dear customers from Switzerland, we are very sorry that we cannot deliver swords, daggers, sabres, maces, combat axes, flails etc. to your country. We meet with bureaucratic obstacles at all products that either are or just look as a weapon again and again. We receive all consignments to Switzerland automatically back with an explanation "subject to the import permit." Our logistics partners told us the following: "both goods that are sold only to persons over 18 years and goods that merely look as weapons are subject to import permit. (For example: toy guns are sellable without restrictions in Switzerland, BUT are subject to import permit issued by the Swiss authorities!)". We have found only the following solutions so far: (1) The customer secures collection at our address in the Czech Republic himself (his logistic partner can handle this procedure better), (2) the customer gives us a delivery address in the EU. The disadvantage is that we have to charge the VAT tax in both cases.

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