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How to determine a helmet size correctly

Please read the following information before you choose a size for an historic helmet. It is always unpleasant for both parties when the selected size does not fit on the first try and the helmet replica must be returned. This is especially true for orders outside the Czech Republic, where the shipping costs can be quite expensive.

Battle-ready Weapons, Series BATTLECRY

The Battlecry series of historical swords, daggers and axes was developed in collaboration with John Clements. His knowledge of historical swordsmanship and martial arts in the Middle Ages and Renaissance is unsurpassed!

Give a gift voucher to play it safe!

You contact us with a request for a gift voucher for you boyfriend, girlfriend, lover or a colleague. You want or you give him or her a gift from our shop, but with regard to the wide range of products you are not sure what you should buy exactly. You also want to avoid unnecessary returns, in case you haven’t estimated the taste of the presentee.

Arminius and Battle of Teutoburg Forest

2000 years ago mighty Roman Empire controlled almost all shores of the Mediterranean Sea and was still expanding by conquering new territories in Europe. Clever tactics, organisation, discipline and technological advance lead Roman legions from victory to victory. However, in Teutoburg forest they met unexpected devastating defeat which changed the European history. Their enemies, united Germanic tribes were lead by Arminius.

Returning goods from a non-EU country

It is unfortunately for goods sold over the Internet typical: the closer to the body it is, the higher is the probability of returning it for size exchange.

Kitchen knives

Knives are necessary equipment of every kitchen. We use them practically every day so a little knowledge about them can always be useful. For example, how to preserve more vitamins while cutting vegetable? How to keep the knives sharp and how to use them properly? Do you know what for are knives with serrated edge or ceramic knives most suitable?

Mail Armour

Wearing quality armour might be crucial for many soldiers fighting in cruel battles through the world’s history. Introduced in ancient times, the armours passed a long development and were changing their forms until they eventually became obsolete and disappeared from the battlefields in late 17th century. At least the classic cuirasses did. This article is about mail armour which consisted from small rings connected together. Mail replaced scale armour (leather coat with sewn metal scales used until 11th – 13th century) and was followed by plate armour.

Maintenance of Samurai and Japanese swords

Such a delicate thing as a samurai sword requires adequate care. True samurais never compromised its maintenance. Japanese people used to say that the sword was combatant’s soul. To reach maximal possible sharpness the blades are made from carbon steel which means they can rust. If you want your precise weapon to remain in top condition you need to oil the blade properly.


The primary weapon of Swiss soldiers of 14th and 15th century used to be a long wooden staff (Halm) with an axe (Barte) on its end. Linking these two words together gave the weapon its name. Halberds were broadly used mainly by mercenary units (called lansquenet) in the German lands (Holy Roman Empire) but became quite popular abroad as well.

How to remove the excess black dye that rubs off from the boots?

Do you have a suggestion for polishing or removing the excess black dye that rubs off from the boots?

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Advisory Service: Questions and Answers

What is the difference between industrially rolled and hand-forged blade?

In the case of hand-forged blade our blacksmith takes the already rolled spring steel and forges it with hand on the anvil or under the monkey (drop hammer). By forging becomes the steel more compacted (denser). Industrially rolled spring steel blades are made by cutting steel plate into strips under drop shears. Then they are ground or milled/grooved and without further forging directly put into the annealing furnace and hardened in oil bath. The qualities of both kinds of blades do not differ from each other much since the industrial rolling is already very good. On forged blades usually have forge traces, which give them an authentic and unique look.

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