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Measurement chart for dagger sheaths

Please measure with caliper and a folding rule. Record the data in millimeters.

Length in mm How to take measure what to measure
9A Blade width at the guard (base).
9B Blade thickness at the guard (base)
9C Blade breadth at the distance of 5cm (2“) from the point.
9D Overall blade length (from the guard to the point).
9E Shape of the guard from the blade´s side: You can take a snap the guard or trace it on an sheet of paper and send it to us. If the guard shape is straight, you can leave this data empty.
9G Breadth of the belt the dagger scabbard will be worn on. The belt loop will be made after this measure.
9H Leather colour (black, dark brown, light brown, natural leather colour, blue, green and red). Please note that the exact colour tone may vary from piece to piece due to hand-crafted manufacturing process and use of traditional inks and stains.

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