Baroque Costumes Gentlemen

Do you want to go to masquerade or even historical event? Do you need a historical costume from the period of baroque? Then you will delighted by our Baroque Costumes Gentlemen. Men’s baroque fashion of upper class was characterized by rich decorativeness. Take a look at beautiful men’s baroque costumes, baroque hats, tricorn hats or special baroque military uniforms.

Baroque Costumes Gentlemen were ridded of starchy ceremonial style and pads in early baroque. The appearance of baroque dresses was freed. They were made from light soft woollen and silk fabrics. Individual parts of menswear were not changed, only got a different cut and character. A widened jacket with elongated tails was a basic part of clothing. This jacket had rolled up sleeves. Therefore decorated sleeves of shirt were showed. Men’s baroque trousers reached to the knees. Stockings were worn to them. Rich wigs from real hair or wool was an important element in the baroque fashion.

We offer Baroque Costumes Gentlemen inspired in history in this category. Most products are tailored. You can choose not only the material and colour, but also you have the possibility to match all to our accessories (shoes, wigs). Did you not find the correct Baroque Costume Gentlemen? If you have your idea, will send us a picture or a photograph or a sketch of your dream dress - Baroque Costume Gentlemen will be tailored to your needs.

Take a look at beautiful men’s baroque costumes, baroque hats, tricorn hats or special baroque military uniforms. Also men’s baroque coats, rococo costumes or Art Nouveau costumes can be found here.

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