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Are you fascinated by the daily lives of people in Renaissance? Do you want to go to some historical event or carnival? The Renaissance means the rebirth. It lasted from the 14th to the 17th century. We offer Renaissance Clothing Gentlemen here. You can choose Renaissance men's trousers, shirts, doublets, vests, nightshirts or hats. You will find also costumes of Landsknechte here.

The transition from medieval to modern times took place in the years 1450-1500. Several important events happened in the time: the invention of the printing press and the discovery of America. Renaissance is historical epoch that lasted from the 14th to the 17th century.

Renaissance fashion differed from country to country a little. It was very influenced by the ideal of the Antiquity. The symmetry, moderateness and natural character are typical Renaissance elements. People with a high social status wore clothes made of brocade, velvet and silk. A popular motive was pomegranate. Renaissance clothing grows in volume from the 16th century. Major tones for the fashion were determined by Italy in these times.

The bourgeoisie was also inspired by the fashion of the Burgundy court in the 15th century. Dukes from Burgundy were ranked among the most powerful princes of Europe. Their court behavior was an expression of knight culture and formed fashion impulses, such as slim appearance of men.

Young men wore short doublets, old men, scholars and respectable men wore long coats. Among fashion accessories were popular pocket watch on chains, fans and decorative handkerchiefs. Men wore on their heads berets with feathers.

The Spanish fashion was in contrast to the Italian strait-laced, stylized and hard. It brought uncomfortable ruffs and corsets.

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