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Do you need a new strap buckle? Don’t hesitate to choose one of many types of buckles which are offered by our e-shop. Our strap buckles are suitable for ladies and gentlemen. They are inspired by history and made very well. Your belt will have a new original appearance! Strap buckles have a practical function and aesthetic function too.

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Original function clips and buckles was a connecting of individual pieces of clothing together; here are the strap buckles. However, buckles were also used as a spectacular jewel, even had a representative function sometimes. Buckles are made from different types of materials (bronze, precious metals, silver and gold) in the past times. They were (and are) often decorated with various ornaments.

The popularity of the used material was varied in different periods. Of course, bronze was mainly used in the Bronze Age. However, buckles from gold were the most luxurious and the most beautiful. Iron is used in the production of buckles in the Iron Age. But bronze is still the most popular material. There were (and are) also buckles inlaid with amber. German nations prefer bronze and silver as materials of strap buckles during the period of the Roman Republic again.

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