Armour and shields

Wars were waged throughout the whole history. Weapons and armours were deployed both in defence and attack. Armourers still improved their technology and skills to offer a better protection and functionality of their products saving lives of the warriors. Our armours and shields are bought by European museums and re-enactment groups reconstructing battles. We hope that our products will satisfy your passion for historical arms and history.


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Leather Armor

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Armours and shields were always an important part of the outfit of the warriors. Their purpose was to protect the fighters from injuries. The category Armour and shields is primarily dedicated to European knight armour. It contains both leather and (steel) plate armour. Our products are popular among fans of history, fencers, re-enactors and collectors. Our armours is made by experienced armourers and blacksmiths. Every part of the armour is either individually made to measure or supplied in standard sizes. Armour is always well elaborated and functional for your perfect protection!

You will discover here armour from different historical periods and different historical cultures. We offer Gothic, Renaissance, Antique or even Italian armour - representing the height of perfection of this handicraft. The range of various armour parts like gauntlets, chain mails, helmets, gambesons and shields is large.

Gambesons are padded defensive jackets. Wealthy warriors wore gambesons combined with mail or plate armour. Poor fighters wore gambesons as their one and only armour, sometimes reinforced with leather or chains.  

Shield is a protective tool for combat action. It deflects strikes of an opponent. It is usually held in hand. Shields can be made of metal, wood and even plastic. We can offer many types of historical shields: ancient shields, Viking shields, Celtic shields, medieval shields, bucklers, pavises, etc.

You can find here also different types of helmets: Greek, Roman, Viking helmets, bascinets, barbutes, sallets, armets, morions, samurai helmets, etc. If you are not an active fighter, surely you will be pleased by the decorative armour. It can be exposed in your castle or your living room.

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