Renaissance Clothing Ladies

Renaissance Clothing Ladies are inspired by women's clothes that were worn in the historical period from 14th to 17th century. This period was characterized by individualism, development of science and art, secularization and return to the ancient world. Are you fascinated by the daily lives of people in Renaissance? We offer Renaissance Clothing Ladies here. You can choose Renaissance corsets and bodices, ladies´ shirts, simple and magnificent Renaissance dresses, headgears or ruffs.

Of course, new style was also reflected in the appearance of clothing. Different lifestyle of the population was born a new type of Renaissance man. Renaissance Clothing Ladies have characteristics of historical medieval clothing. These characteristics are logically differed according to periods and regions, where Renaissance dresses were worn.

We offer large range of Renaissance fashion. Most products are tailored. You can choose not only the material and colour, but also you have the possibility to match all to our accessories (belts, Renaissance shoes, wigs). Did you not find the correct Renaissance Clothing Ladies? If you have your idea, will send us a picture or a photograph or a sketch of your dream dress - costume will be tailored to your needs.

Renaissance fashion differed from country to country a little. It was very influenced by the ideal of the Antiquity. The symmetry, moderateness and natural character are typical Renaissance elements. People with a high social status wore clothes made of brocade, velvet and silk. A popular motive was pomegranate. Renaissance clothing grows in volume from the 16th century. Major tones for the fashion were determined by Italy in these times. Women wore skirts separated from the bodice, decorative sleeves and circular or square necklines.

You will find various types of Renaissance Clothing Ladies in our e-shop. You can choose Renaissance corsets and bodices, ladies´ shirts, simple and magnificent Renaissance dresses, headgears or ruffs. We offer also special costumes Renaissance of landladies or queens.

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