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Norman kite shield

This Norman kite shieldis battle ready and can be use at reeactnement events (not a mere decoration).

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in stock: 2 pcsItem physically stored in our Warehouse in Kadan, Delivery date 14-Jul at your place

4 300 Kč
3 870 Kč
3 198 Kč excl. VAT

Variants in stock

Gauge of plate: 1.5mm Gauge 16 in stock 1 pcs
Gauge of plate: 2mm, Gauge 14 (no stainless or hardened steel) in stock 1 pcs

Norman kite shield


  • Height approx. 103cm
  • Width approx. 50 cm
  • made out of steel plate
  • made in the Czech Republic
  • weight when made of 16 gauge (1,5mm) … approx. 7 kg
  • weight when made of 14 gauge (2,0 mm) … approx. 10 kg


A kite shield was a distinct type of shield from the 10th–14th centuries. It was either a reverse teardrop shape or later on, flat-topped. The tapering point extended down to either a distinct or rounded point. Believed to be an evolution of the simple round shield purely to guard one whole flank of a rider when in combat, the shield gained popularity amongst professional soldiers as it allowed them to guard their foreleg when in a mêlée. It was either flat in section, or featured a gradual curve, to better fit the contour of the human torso, much in the style of a scutum. The kite shield is most closely associated with the Normans, who were one of the first cultures to use it widely, and can be seen throughout the Bayeux Tapestry.

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  • Norman kite shield
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    Norman kite shield

    Delivery date: 14-Jul at your place

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    4 300 Kč 3 870 Kč incl. VAT

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