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Archery instructions

Návod k použití luků

While using the bow, abide by the following principles. This is the only way the bow will work properly and you will extend its lifetime.

  1. Protect the bow before damage and inclement weather by using a cover for transport and storage.
  2. Do not expose the bow to extreme temperatures (fire, frost) and store it in a dry place WITHOUT the bowstring fitted on (unstrung).
  3. Never draw the bow over the recommended arrow length. 
  4. Fit only the bowstring of the length specified by the producer onto the bow (preferably by the same producer).
  5. Do not release the bowstring in vain (without an arrow). Energy determined for the arrow passes to the bow limbs which can be damaged this way.
  6. Before you shoot, verify the right orientation of the bow after the drawn arrow on the lower limb (arrow must point down). The lower limb is a little stronger than the upper one. That enables good function of the bow (the arrow should be put on  above the bowstring centre. That is why the lower limb should be a little faster). In case the arrow drawing rubs out after some time, you will recognize the lower limb by shorter tiller at the grip edge.


  1. Do not expose the bowstring to extreme temperatures and protect it from moisture.
  2. Using the arrows with low-quality nocks you will speed up the bowstring wear; possibly you will cause its damage.
  3. You will extend the bowstring lifetime if you treat it with beeswax.
  4. The bowstring must always be dry while shooting.
  5. Preferably store the bowstring hanging loose. It is also possible to wind it up, but watch breaking of centre serving and kinking on fibres.
  6. Every archer should have several spare bowstrings.


  1. Do not shoot at inconvenient targets (too hard or too soft), we recommend to shoot at special targets determined for this purpose.
  2. Do not expose them to moisture and extreme temperatures.
  3. Some piles (arrow points) can get rusty. Rust can be rubbed down and the point can be treated with conservation preparation (e.g. WD40)
  4. After shooting clean the arrows with damp cloth and let them dry slowly (NOT above a stove or heating!)
  5. The arrow fetching serves for its stabilization in flight, not for brushing meat during a barbecue!
  6. The fetching unstick is a commonplace (even in case of Olympic archery). The fetching can be stuck on with quick-acting glue.
  7. Fetchings are sensitive to mechanic damage in case of improper handling and storing. We recommend using a quiver.

Safety instructions

  1. Never aim at anything you do not want to shoot at.
  2. Never aim at a man, not even for the fun of it!
  3. Do not use the bow for any other purpose but shooting.
  4. Always examine the bow carefully before shooting. If you find damage, do not use it for shooting any more.
  5. Always examine the bow range space, not to jeopardise health of people and animals, or possibly a property.
  6. Never interfere in the bow construction.
  7. Always shoot only arrows of the recommended length.  
  8. Use a bracers and archery glove while shooting.

Procedure for fitting on the bowstring:

  1. Put the bowstring loop on the lower limb nock (watch out, reflexive bows have their limb ends turned forward!)
  2. Turn the bow over in order to lean its handle against the back part of your thigh and to get the lower limb end stuck behind your ankle.
  3. Grip the upper part of the bow and bend it to reach BALANCED BENDING OF BOTH BOW LIMBS and put the other bowstring loop on the upper limb bowstring catch.
  4. After putting the bowstring on „step out“ of the bow, check both the bowstring catches if the bowstring is put on properly. In case of need aline the bowstring to pass through the centre of the bow limbs.

 laminated wooden bows

Two-year guarantee does not cover the wear (the bowstring wears off sooner), mishandling, exceeding the draw length (of the arrow) and intervention into the bow construction.

Periods: Archery

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