How do I place an order?

Please put the selected product into the shopping cart by clicking the "Buy" button. This text is displayed on red background can be found on each product page.

After finishing the previous step a window with the title “Successfully added into the shopping cart" appears. By clicking on "Continue shopping" (on the left side, blue background) you can return back to the product page. This way you can put different products in the cart, as if you were in a stony shop.

If you have put all of the intended items in your shopping cart, please click on “Pay and order” (right side, red background).

On the page "Additional services" you can order extended warranty and gift wrapping. Then click again on "NEXT" (bottom right).

On another page, please enter your contact information. The shipping is calculated according to your delivery address. Here you may also enter a different delivery address. Fields marked with Asterisk (*) are mandatory. Registered customers can enter only their email address and password. Then click again on "CONTINUE" (bottom right).

On this page, please choose a shipping and payment method. If your order contains in-stock and out-of-stock items, you can opt that the in-stock items will be shipped immediately and the rest later. Then click on "SUBMIT" (bottom right).

In this moment is your order completed and on the screen you should see " Your order has been successfully submitted. Thank you! " Under this thanksgiving you should see your order number. Please note this number for the case that you don´t receive a confirmation email in your mailbox within a few minutes. Please mention this number whenever you write us regarding this order.

Advisory Service: Questions and Answers

Hello! Could you make for me armor and robe from the movie XY?

I'm sorry that we cannot satisfy you in this regard. Both the movies themselves, and weapons, armor, costumes and other objects are often subject to copyright. This is verified consistently by the Copyright distributors. A violation these rights is unlawful and punished with high fines. You can find some movie replicas in our store, but these are imported products from overseas that were officially and legally manufactured under bought license.

Enter the Advisory Service