Oval Spangenhelm after the Stuttgart Psalter

Our version of this oval Spangenhelm after the Stuttgart Psalter is hand hammered from carbon steel plate. The edge of the helmet bowl is equipped with small bucklers on four places. The helmet peak is decorated with a hand-forged iron ball. The individual parts of the helmet are firmly riveted together.

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L | 1,5 mm / Gauge 16 | padded textile liner
pcs (1 pcs In stock)

Oval Spangenhelm after the Stuttgart Psalter (turn of the 8th and 9th century)

The standard version of this helmet includes:

  • quilted textile liner
  • chin strap with metal buckle

This helmet can be made to measure after your measurements ‘1a’ to ‘1j’ in this measurement chart.

Please read our instructions, how to determine a helmet size correctly.

The Stuttgart Psalter is a richly illuminated manuscript, written between 820-830 in the Abbey of Saint-Germain-des-Prés. It is considered one of the most significant of the Carolingian period. Written in Carolingian minuscule, it contains 316 images illustrating the Book of Psalms according to the Gallican Rite. The Stuttgart Psalter is of great interest to Carolingian historians because of the detail and variety of the contemporary objects it portraying a.o. battles and militaria. The Carolingian dynasty was a Frankish noble family with origins in the Arnulfing and Pippinid clans of the 7th century AD. The name "Carolingian" derives from the Latinised name of Charles Martel: Carolus. It is archived since the late 18th century at the Württembergische Landesbibliothek in Stuttgart.

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