Crusader Sword octagon, Class C

This is a battle-ready replica of a medieval one-handed sword as it was used among others by crusaders of various orders on their Crusades. This sword stands out due to the octagonal pommel of the more frequently encountered swords with round disc pommels. The sword comes with a very nice wood scabbard coated in Leather with a belt loop (for max. 5cm wide belts). The sheath also has a steel chape. This is the battle-ready version of the Crusader sword octagon pommel.

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Crusader Sword with octagon pommel, 13th century, Class C

This sword is made entirely by hand. The nice shape of the guard and the octagon pommel are made of heat-treated, malleable cast iron. The oil-hardened blade from spring steel is hardened to approx. 48-50 HRC. It goes through the handle up to the pommel and is hand-riveted there. The handle is wrapped with leather strap. The blade has a pronounced fuller, which gives the sword high elasticity and lightness at the same time. The blade edge is not sharpened.

Sword class C, NO WARRANTY!

  • Blade Material: oil-hardened spring steel EN45
  • Rockwell hardness of the blade: 48-50 HRC
  • Overall length: 96 cm
  • Blade length: 79 cm
  • Max. blade width 45 mm
  • Point of balance 14 cm in front of the guard
  • Delivery incl. scabbard made of wood and leather
  • Weight (without scabbard) 1150 g

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16.11.2015 17:20

Martin Jaško


Váha ani náhodou není udávaných 1150g, nýbrž (u kusu který mi dorazil) celých 1450g, tedy o třetinu kilogramu více (samozřejmě bez pochvy). Těžiště nějakých 16 cm od záštity tomu samozřejmě také nepomáhá, takže ve výsledku je meč velmi těžký. Jinak vzhledově je (v této cenové kategorii) poměrně hezký (vypadá přesně jako na obrázku), ale na nějaký serióznější šerm bude naprosto nepoužitelný...

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