Thames Scramaseax

Reconstruction of an Anglo-Seax on lon Seax from the 9th cen. The original was found in 1857 in the River Thames in London, and is now exhibited in the British Museum. He is therefore also called Thames sword or Seax of Beagnoth. The blade is elaborately engraved and fitted with a runic inscription, the first part represents the Anglo-Seax on Futhark (= alphabet). The second part of the inscription is Beagnoth, probably the name of the carrier or armourer.

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Thames Scramaseax with leather sheath

This replica is similar in shape and dimensions largely to the early medieval original. The single-edged blade has besides the inscription a narrow but quite deep fuller. The wooden handles are attached by brass rivets on the hook, and also held by two brass rings.The blade is unsharpened. Supplied with a sturdy authentic style sheath from cowhide.


  • Material: carbon steel and sheath from cowhide
  • Overall length 73.5 cm 
  • Blade length 55.5 cm 
  • Weight approx. 650 g

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