Leather leg armor from steel and suede leather, Sale

There are known historical samples of leather or cloth protections riveted to metal bands to reinforce the structure. It was a logical evolution in the transitional armour age and some examples can be seen on the Günther von Schwarzburg´s (1349) and Sir Thomas Cheyne´s (1375) tombs.

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Leather leg armor from steel and suede leather, 12-14th century

The leather leg armor is made of genuine suede leather and 1,4mm steel. The roughness and exact colour tone of the leather may vary from piece to piece due to the use of traditional techniques and use of genuine leather.

  • One size fits all (perimeter 70-85 cm)
  • leather strap 15cm long

How to wear this leg armor

  1. This leg armor from steel and suede leather is designed to be used with an arming belt, or arming gambeson, and needs to be tied to stable points on the waist or in its original position on padded trouser legs worn under the armour.  Please have a look at the recommended accessories below.
  2. Customers usually also make at least two holes into the top of each thigh leather leg to fasten the leg armour onto their body. They lace it best with a double overhand knot that will not untie. A shoe-lace knot is a mistake and will slip a hundred times.
  3. If you try to wear the leg armor without such additional fixing (just with tightening the leather straps on the back, the purpose of which is only to adjust the leg armor to the size of your leg), the armor legs will keep on slipping down when you are moving.

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18.4.2016 16:53

Petr Hřídel

Kožené řemínky, které spojují koženou a kovovou část vůbec nic nevydrží a komplet jako takový vůbec nedrží na noze, ať to zatáhnu jak chci tak to sjíždí až to nakonec spadne, je to naprosto k ničemu, popojdu s tím 5 metrů a už to sjede tak, že se v tom nedá chodit, natož běžet či bojovat. Takže za 4840 Kč jsem si pořídil krám, který můžu leda tak vyhodit.

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