Splinted greaves Valsgärde, 7th cen.

This type of splinted guards dates back to the 9th century.  It was designed according to archaeological finds in Valsgärde. They were quite common but the warrior's financial means were also of importance in this case. They protected their wearer against undesirable sword blows. Vikings knee and shin guards are made of 2 mm thick hand forged iron bars.

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Splinted greaves Valsgärde, 7th century

The splinted greavescan be drawn tight to adapt to the leg's circumference with laced leather straps. This part of the Viking armour is designed for real use, it is fully combat-ready! It is made it by a Czech armourer. It is no cheap import from Asia.


  • Leather gauge: 2,8 mm
  • Gauge of the iron bars: Gauge 14 (2,0 mm)
  • Half-matt finish (satin)
  • Overall weight: 3,25 kg

Specifications of the UNI size:

  • Overall length of the iron bars is 46 cm.
  • Overall width of the seven iron bars is 23,5 cm.

We can make these Viking splinted greaves to measure for you, you just have to fill in measurements 4c, 4e, 4f and 4g in this measurement chart

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12.10.2014 10:45

Rubu Kas


Utter crap ... This is not viking .. its VALSGARDE 8, and a poor copy at that.. its spraypainted in the back, and its very clearly mde aith modern smithing tools. Hand forged seems to be a loose statement - this looks like its been through machine hammer with set-downs. Real value of this is cost of steel + 15 minutes of work where most of it is the grinding of the edges... cheap, bad, incorrect to both time period and shape; made for fantasy wanna be viking LARPS who will swallow anything tha has the word VIKING ... for anyone who are more than 0% interested in historical acuracy - stay off!! Now lets see how long this comment will stay here.. im guessing just as long as its historical accuracy .. 0 !

1 react

12.10.2014 10:56

Thorgar the Crooked


REAKCE NA 1 (Rubu Kas): I give Rubu Kas's revue 1 star. They could have been past down from my grandfather. In my persona storey my grandfather was buried at Valsgarde but not with his armor because my father need it to avenge his death. My father then past it down to me. Anyway itis a matter of saftey and as an eleet Viking Warrior, I would be able to afford these.

2 react

12.10.2014 11:01

Odin " The Eleet" Odinsson


REAKCE NA 2 (Thorgar the Crooked): I would recommend a leather lamellar to go with this and black leather studded armguards, or you be the laughing stock of your bloodthirsty winged helmet warrior brothers.

3 react

12.10.2014 11:03

Rubu Kas

lets not forget a "viking" helmet with horns.. preferably or textas longhorn cows :P REAKCE NA 3 (Odin " The Eleet" Odinsson):

4 react

12.10.2014 11:06

Thorgar the Crooked

REAKCE NA 4 (Rubu Kas): Rubu, Viking helmets did not have horns, as any fule kno. You r just shown your ignorant of what is authenticity.

5 react

12.10.2014 11:27

Rubu Kas

oh you cute little LARPer .. thats why viking as written "viking" ( its called sarcasm) ... Look .. noone is debating the Valsgarde find ... that however, is from the MIGRATION period .. not the viking period... this armor theyre selling here would also absolutely have a defensive value...what i am saying is that this particular arm protection is incorrectly dated, incorrectly made and incorrectly marketed... inaccrate - everything.. hence .. usable only for Live Action Role Players who havent the interest of actually delving into the historical accuracy of vikings would find this OK .. ask anyone who are reenactors, who read the history, who understands the history and who are interested in the historical accuracy - and you will see... REAKCE NA 5 (Thorgar the Crooked):

6 react

12.10.2014 12:06

Thorgar the Crooked

REAKCE NA 6 (Rubu Kas): Wikipedia says taht the Migration Period went to 800 AD so it could easily have been my grandfathers or his granfathers past down. So you are being iaccrate and everything. I am interested in the histerical accuracy which is why i portray an eleet viking warrior which should tell you what kind of person i am.

7 react

12.10.2014 12:09

Rurik the Rus

These are just brilliant and very accurate recreations of Varangian armour, you fools no nothing about our Rus history of our glorious motherland.

8 react

12.10.2014 12:52

Odin the real odinson. (Jarl) notfakeone


Hail these are high quality eleet pagan Viking warrior Armour my finest housecarls wear these when fighting my foes. They are hand forged from high quality meteoric steel and perfect fit. Not even my finest sword raven feeder hand forged by master Swordsmith Hanwei can . cut through it. Plz buy these but it will not make,u as good a fighter as,me lol ;-) that takes dedication

9 react

12.10.2014 13:15

Thorgar the crooked

REAKCE NA 9 (Odin the real odinson. (Jarl) notfakeone):Odin the real odinson. (Jarl) notfakeone (if that is your real name) you cannot be best fighter becUse I am and practise with my herd 12 hours ever day in my mothers yard so if you want to gfight irl just call me and u will see how I fill my baggy trousers and I will sure make you fill yours lol

10 react

12.10.2014 21:19

Eleet Eleetsson

* g o a t s e x * g o a t s e x * g o a t s e x * g g o / \ \ / \ o a| | \ | | a t| `. | | : t s` | | \| | s e \ | / / \\\ --__ \\ : e x \ \/ _--~~ ~--__| \ | x * \ \_-~ ~-_\ | * g \_ \ _.--------.______\| | g o \ \______// _ ___ _ (_(__> \ | o a \ . C ___) ______ (_(____> | / a t /\ | C ____)/ \ (_____> |_/ t s / /\| C_____) | (___> / \ s e | ( _C_____)\______/ // _/ / \ e x | \ |__ \\_________// (__/ | x * | \ \____) `---- --' | * g | \_ ___\ /_ _/ | g o | / | | \ | o a | | / \ \ | a t | / / | | \ |t s | / / \__/\___/ | |s e | / / | | | |e x | | | | | |x * g o a t s e x * g o a t s e x * g o a t e x *

11 react

12.10.2014 23:38

Rurik the Rus

You M'F's can laugh as much as you are wanting....these are very good, me and my comrades fight in them all times and not one of us has lost a leg. Jarl Odin you are big jokes, I see your photo on web and you are too fatter to be Viking warrior! And you live with your mother...you are virgin.

12 react

13.10.2014 0:44

Thorgar the Crooked

Rurik you leave Odin the real odinson. (Jarl) notfakeone out of this he is my bitch and we will get 2gether and kick your skinny wiking ass. What are you doing surfing the wweb looking for photos of fat virgin vikings anyway?

13 react

13.10.2014 12:38

Knight von Vikings


14 react

13.10.2014 22:34

Leet Erickson


My Viking brothers and me all bought these to go with our horned Valsgarde Helms and fur cloaks. We have not lost any legs yet, despite fighting of a mighty horde of Orcs and Goblins wielding latex swords. Very sturdy, look good worn over Baggy Rus pants/tracky bottoms.

15 react

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