Armour of the William I, the one-eyed

This iron protective armor represents our reconstruction after a brass relief on the tomb slab from the grave Margrave of Meissen, Landgrave of Thuringia. The tomb slab was made in the first half of the 15th century and shows a suit of armour from the second half of the 14th Century. It is slightly stylized of the engraver and does not show exactly how the armour exactly looked like.

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Armour of the William I, the one-eyed, Margrave of Meissen (2nd half of the 14th century)

The trunk covers the front, back plate and front fauld of lames that could be unbuckled before riding. The front plate is reinforced with a second plate at the top. The wide pauldrons are finished with split hoops on the cuirass. The head is protected with a Hunsgugel-Bascinet with an aventail (mail collar).

This armour is completely hand –hammered from cold-rolled steel plate (gauge 1.3 and 1.5 mm). It comes from the workshop of a Czech armourer and is always custom-made allowing possible wishes of the customer.

William I, the one-eyed, (19 December 1343, Dresden – 9 February 1407) was Margrave of Meissen. His surname is related to the legend that Saint Benno appeared to him because of his disputes with the Church in a dream and he had an eye gouged out.

Specifications of the Armour of the William I

  • hand-made in the EU (no import from Asia)
  • made from the cold-rolled iron plate DIN 50 049 (not stainless)
  • gauge of plate: 16 (1,5mm)
  • weight approx. 35 kg

This "Armour of the William I, the one-eyed" will be made to measure to your exact size. To submit us your measurements, please use the following measurement chart.

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