Federschwert sword

The Federschwert (German expression for spring sword), is a type of training sword used in Renaissance fencing schools to train safely at full speed and power. They are used extensively in the fighting manuals of the 16th century, particularly those of Paulus Hector Mair and Joachim Meyer.

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Federschwert, practice Sword, 1500 - 1650

  • Overall length 125 cm
  • Blade length 95 cm
  • Guard length 26 cm
  • Ricasso 53mm wide and 68mm long
  • Weight 1,85 kg
  • Blunt and rounded blade with spatulated point
  • Three-handed hilt
  • Hardnes of the blade approx. 49 HRC
  • Thick ricasso
  • Blade of spring steel W.Nr. 1.7102 (DIN 54SiCr6) quenched to a hardness of approx. 48 HRC

Made in the Czech Republic.

The sword Federschwert consists of a very thin, rounded blade with a large ricasso and a heavy hilt and pommel. Because of this, it has the same weight and Center of Balance as a real sword, and handles identically. This odd construction also has the effect of moving the sword's Center of Percussion to a theoretical point beyond its tip. The tip of a Federschwert is spatulated and may be covered with a leather sleeve.

Premium quality from Jiri Krondak, made in the Czech Republic.

Please read also our: Directions for the use of bladed weapons.

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In the case of hand-forged blade our blacksmith takes the already rolled spring steel and forges it with hand on the anvil or under the monkey (drop hammer). By forging becomes the steel more compacted (denser). Industrially rolled spring steel blades are made by cutting steel plate into strips under drop shears. Then they are ground or milled/grooved and without further forging directly put into the annealing furnace and hardened in oil bath. The qualities of both kinds of blades do not differ from each other much since the industrial rolling is already very good. On forged blades usually have forge traces, which give them an authentic and unique look.

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