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The history of the 14th and 15th century is a display of military successes on the part of the Swiss in their fight with the House of Habsburg as well as  Dukes of Burgundy.  This quiverwas a popular accessory used in the course of military manoeuvres of the Swiss army at the time.

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black | 36 cm | with reinforced bottom (proof against sharp arrow points)
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Crossbow quiver for the "Norman" crossbow

The quiver for bolts used with the "Norman" crossbow is simple and practical. The combination of a leather string with ground cowhide gives the quiver an original appearance that imitates materials used in the historical period in question. This quiver will be appreciated especially by fans of living history or fans of history as such. The quiver's capacity is circa 20-30 bolts, depending on the type of bolts. When ordering this product, please specify the size of your bolts.

Besides the colour shown in the picture the quiver is available in other colours: see the choice of colour.

Please note: This product is made by hand from genuine leather. This is a purely natural material. Minor differences in the colour and surface texture are its natural characteristics. These small imperfections do not decrease the value of the product. Each piece is to some extent an original.

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