Chest and backplate, Germany 1460-1500

In the brilliance of the gothic weapons development there is a special mention to the German armour of the end of the 15th C. Undoubtedly, a good example of ostentation, beauty and protection giving the user also a fearsome aspect. This reproduction we are offering is in the line of the german armors between 1460 and 1500 on it´s corrugated and assimetrical design.

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Chest and backplate, Germany 1460-1500

This Chest and back plate is made in one uniform size. It is partially adjustable. You can wear it if you are up to 190cm tall and your chest perimeter incl. all clothes is up to 120cm.

  • One size fits most, adjustable to 190cm tall and 120cm chest.
  • Gauge of plate 18 / 1,2 mm
  • made of not hardened carbon steel (not stainless)
  • Made by Marshal Historical

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14.7.2014 15:35

Hugo Oberkofler


Ein wirklich gutes Einsteigermodell. Hier stimmt das Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis! Absolut empfehlenswert!

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