Orient, Arabia

The term Orient includes the countries of the Near, Middle and Far East. These are the Asian states and states of North Africa. In our e-shop you will find many different products inspired by things which were used by people in ancient times in these regions. We offer Persian or Arab sabres, Turkish helmets, Persian armour, and costumes for belly dancers, etc. Let yourself inspire by the old times of oriental countries.

When you say "Orient", you will probably imagine warm starry nights, a tempting smell of spices, rice dishes, women veiled in scarves, belly dancers, tea ceremonies, tropical fruits, opium smoking, beautifully woven carpets or majestic mosques. Women do not have a simple life in these countries, but we are still fascinated by the Orient. We are enchanted by spiritual thinking of people from the Near, Middle and Far East. We are interested in Buddhism, Zen, Shinto, yoga, shiatsu massage, acupuncture, acupressure, reiki and tai-chi.

The Near East includes the Arabian Peninsula and surrounding states of south-western Asia and north-eastern Africa. The Middle East is the general term for closer indeterminate states of South Asia. Far East includes the countries of Eastern and South-eastern Asia. As the ancient Near East we called ancient civilization from the 4th millennium BC to the 7th century AD: Palestine, Syria, Phoenicia, Asia Minor, Mesopotamia, the Iranian Highlands, ancient Egypt and Arabia.

Arabia is an Asian country, which takes a substantial part of the Arabian Peninsula. The Islamic religion dominates there. It was founded by Muhammad in the 7th century right in Arabia. Every Muslim should go on the pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in his/her life. Mecca is also part of Arabia. The Arabs devote a big attention to music, dance and poetry in their culture. Arab men wear long clothing and a headgear - kufiya. Women are shrouded in hijab and niqab.

Let yourself enchant by oriental products from online store. You can find Arabian and oriental costumes, Arabian and oriental weapons, armour, leather products and many more here.

Advisory Service: Questions and Answers

Why you cannot deliver swords or daggers to Switzerland?

Dear customers from Switzerland, we are very sorry that we cannot deliver swords, daggers, sabres, maces, combat axes, flails etc. to your country. We meet with bureaucratic obstacles at all products that either are or just look as a weapon again and again. We receive all consignments to Switzerland automatically back with an explanation "subject to the import permit." Our logistics partners told us the following: "both goods that are sold only to persons over 18 years and goods that merely look as weapons are subject to import permit. (For example: toy guns are sellable without restrictions in Switzerland, BUT are subject to import permit issued by the Swiss authorities!)". We have found only the following solutions so far: (1) The customer secures collection at our address in the Czech Republic himself (his logistic partner can handle this procedure better), (2) the customer gives us a delivery address in the EU. The disadvantage is that we have to charge the VAT tax in both cases.

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