Vikings and Normans

Viking times are wrapped up in myths and mysteries that are still impressive und attractive. Those times began during the 8th century, when the Scandinavians joined the battle against Christianity. Some say that the Normans were the same as Vikings. Other say that the Normans were descendants of the Vikings. We have prepared many products for you that remind these Nordic nations. Design and use of these products are either made after or at least inspired by historical finds from these times. You will find Viking and Norman weapons, costumes, shoes, armour, etc. in this category.

Scandinavians burned Christian churches, killed Christians and expelled them from the country. And their desperate war took about 200 years. They didn’t believe in only one God. But Odin was their dominant god. He was recognized as their creator. He was seen as a one-eyed old man. He could change his image and do magic.

It is said that Vikings were great warriors, traders, craftsmen and farmers. Young boys were taught how to handle guns. Their typical weapons were swords, axes and spears. Each fighter had a shield and a helmet to protect his head and body. Vikings did not have any battle uniforms. Warriors equipped themselves by their own. Poorer warriors used leather armour, wealthy warriors used chain mail armour. Some warriors wore pendants with Thor's hammer around his neck, hoping to bring luck and save life in battles.

Normans were very good warriors too. In the 9th century they attacked and occupied northern France. The king of France gave them a county in Normandy (for sure), and so the Duchy of Normandy was created. Normans were grateful to him. They even converted to Christian faith. However they attacked next countries. They occupied England and William the Conqueror became King of England.  

If you are excited about fierce and sometimes violent Viking and Norman times, you will like the products in this category. You will find here forged products, leather products, Viking and Norman shoes, costumes, weapons, armour and other Viking and Norman artefacts that can create an atmosphere of Viking Scandinavia and Norman countries.

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