Horsemen armour

Do you often go to historical events, during which you attend riding tournaments? And do you need suitable armour that will protect you against possible injuries? This category “Horsemen armour” is tailor-made for you! There are many various parts of horsemen armour that are inspired by historical time of brave knights and warriors for their truth and honour. Your battles will look more efficiently thanks to horsemen armour!

The category „Horsemen armour“ is specially intended for everyone who is interested in history, chivalric tournaments and who sometimes likes to play a role of a brave warrior on horseback who defeats all his enemies. You will find helmets, shields, plate and leather parts of armour or half armour among our horsemen armour.

It’s a true that a horse and a sword were the most important parts of chivalric equipment. However, also horsemen armour was very important. A bloody accident sometimes happened even to the best warrior. So he was the more protected, the better. Moreover, his life was extended thanks to armour and he could longer protect his lord. Every good knight was wholeheartedly faithful to his lord. He was loyal, brave and generous.

Take a look at our offer of horsemen armour and get dressed as a medieval knight or Arabian warrior. Maybe, you will be interested also in other parts of the armour, which can be found here. Protect yourself with a suitable shield too. And don’t forget to provide a beautiful caparisons and chamfrons for your horse.

Advisory Service: Questions and Answers

How and what materials are your daggers made from?

The daggers are approximately made as follows. The basic shape of the blade is made by a laser CNC machine. It is burned from spring steel. The semi-finished blade follows then in the groove cutter, where the cutting edge and the groove are milled. The blade is then oil-quenched and tempered to the desired hardness. Then the guard and pommel is attached to the blade tang. The tang is usually peened at the end (behind the pommel) and the cross-guard hard soldered with brass. Hardwood plates are placed under the handle wrapping from genuine cowhide so that the handle is sufficiently robust for a safe grasp. The steels surfaces obtain the desired finish in the end - with a wire brush or with a felt disc with polishing paste.

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